About the Journal

The Achieve Journal of Behavioral Health, Religion, and Community is dedicated to the publication of high-level, peer-reviewed research, reviews, and clinical practice articles exploring the intersection of behavioral health with the psychological, clinical, communal, and religious domains in traditional religious communities. The Journal highlights papers with direct relevance to the historically underserved and understudied traditional communities (Jewish as well as other insular communities); with implications for application in practice and treatment, as well as in the community (including public health, best practices, inter-system engagement, etc.), while rigorously examining the role of contemporary behavioral science alongside traditional text, religious experience, and law.  

The journal is divided into four primary sections:

  • Research: New research articles (quantitative and qualitative) on topics relevant to behavioral health, clinical practice, religion, and community. 
  • Clinical Practice and Treatment: Articles on clinical practice and treatment in the traditional Orthodox Jewish community and other insular communities.
  • Community: Studies and observations related to community, its experience, dynamics, engagement, and impacts.
  • Intersection: Topics at the intersection of contemporary behavioral science, traditional text, religious experience, culture,and law. 

The Journal maintains a wide and interdisciplinary view and values the dissemination of high-quality and impactful research that enhances the understanding, practice, and policy in this sector. The Journal is published by Achieve Behavioral Health and reflects the tenets of its philosophy, practice, and clinical approach.